Martin and Robson – Meeting Global Demand

Martin and Robson supply high quality magnetite for coal washing to coal mining companies around the globe.

Originally specialising in the supply of dense media separation (DMS) magnetite to South Africa and Australia, the company has capitalised on an increased global demand for the material and now supplies key customers, wherever the material is required.

Those key magnetite customers include Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton Energy Coal South Africa, Exxaro Coal, Optimum Coal, Sasol and Xstrata Coal with mining operations in Australia, Mozambique, South Africa, USA and Canada.

Martin and Robson has an established customer base of big mining groups as well as small independent coal-washers and has a specialised magnetite milling plant in South Africa able to mill coarse and DMS ore to customer specification.

Sourcing and stockpiling magnetite in Australia, Mozambique, South Africa, USA and Canada allows the company to quickly meet customer demands as required.

Martin and Robson’s logistical sourcing and efficient movement of ore means a short turnaround time for clients, from order to delivery, and reduced risk of coal processing plant down-time due to lack of refining media. Coal clients also do not need to hold large amounts of stock with associated cost implications.

Strategic management of magnetite supplies for customers in Australia, Mozambique, South Africa, USA and Canada ensures the company’s continued reputation as a leading global supplier.

Rely on a Global Leader

Martin and Robson is the leading supplier of DMS magnetite in Australia, Mozambique, South Africa, and around the world. The company was among the first to recognise industry demand for DMS product and establish reliable global supply chains to benefit coal mining companies.

To find out more about our international operations and current market demand for DMS product please contact us today or submit an online enquiry.

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