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Martin and Robson is the preferred supplier of dense media separation (DMS) magnetite, used for coal washing, to global mining companies.

Martin and Robson’s customer base includes big mining groups as well as small independent coal washing companies. Martin and Robson also has a specialised magnetite milling plant in South Africa able to mill DMS ore to customer specification.

Increased demand for quality coal in recent times has seen the need to optimise processing techniques to get the best coal preparation for international markets .

A significant amount of coal destined for export undergoes processing to reduce ash and increase overall energy content.

DMS magnetite for coal washing is ideal for:

  • Difficult coal separation; and
  • Processing high value mineral for domestic and industrial use.

The DMS Magnetite Advantage

Coal straight from the ground, known as run-of-mine (ROM), often contains unwanted impurities such as rock and dirt and comes in a mixture of different-sized fragments.

However, users need mineral of a consistent quality. Coal preparation – also known as beneficiation processing or washing – refers to the treatment of ROM to ensure a consistent quality and to enhance its suitability for particular end-uses.

Coal preparation depends on the mineral’s properties and its intended use. It may require only simple crushing or it may need to go through a complex treatment of washing and processing to reduce impurities.

To remove impurities, the raw ROM is crushed and then separated into various size fractions.

Larger material is usually treated using DMS. In this process, the coal is separated from other impurities by cyclones set at various cut points in order to meet the desired specification.

As the coal is lighter it can be separated off, while heavier rock and other impurities are then removed as waste.

The smaller size fractions are treated in a number of ways, usually based on differences in mass, such as in centrifuges..

Coal is dewatered after washing for efficient transport and use.

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The use of DMS magnetite is the most efficient technique for coal preparation and processing available. The DMS magnetite particles allow for greater control and a wider range of separation gravities.

To find out more about the process and the benefits of using magnetite please contact us today or submit an online enquiry.

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