Worldwide Operations

Martin and Robson maintains large stockpiles of high quality magnetite in locations around the world. Our strategic alliances in Australia, South Africa, the USA, Europe, the UK and other countries enable us to provide dense medium separation magnetite and coal washing services to exacting customer requirements.

Our efficiency in logistical sourcing and movement of magnetite ensures our customers’ costs are minimised, while extracting maximum operational value. Our coal washing and magnetic separation milling facilities can produce multiple grades of magnetite, depending on customers’ operational requirements.

Efficient Processing and Supply

Magnetite can be produced as a by-product of copper operations, and as such is recovered from the concentrator floatation tails stream by magnetic separation. Typically 15% by weight of magnetite is removed through coal washing and re-cleaning the magnetic concentrate from the first stage extraction process.

This process results in the upgrading of magnetite to more than 66% Fe (greater than 95% magnetics). The upgraded product is then subjected to elutriation, to generate dense medium separation grade and coarse grade products. The dense medium separation grade used in coal processing operations and the coarse grade is sold as a blend feed to iron and steelmaking customers.

Our dense medium separation grade magnetite is sampled seven times throughout the process prior to dispatch to port to ensure quality conformance. In addition, Martin and Robson has the capability at its plant to refine the magnetite using our advanced milling to meet any specification required by our customers.

For further background and information on our coal washing processes or dense medium separation and magnetic separation capabilities, contact us online.

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